Week 15 Finger Painting

I enjoyed doing the finger painting. When I was using my fingers, I ended up getting messy, but it was fun. I felt more like a professional painting because I had that large paper (how silly of me lol). When there was no subject for me, I felt free. It can be anything that comes to mind or feels right as I began. I did not feel trapped; I was free. But one of my paints was dried up for some reason it was the color orange. I put water in there, so it can be liquidity (it kinda worked out). Then I had the color purple which was cool. Then the last color was white, which was bogus because you can’t see it. As a result I splashed Tapatio on it. This activity was similar to the graffiti activity because they both included color, but one of them is spraying it out while the other is making stokes of thick or thin lines, dots, or even shapes. In the end we are going to end up with an image if we use graffiti or paint.



Week 15 Extra Credit

My favorite three activities

  1. Landscapes with the Corpse. I enjoyed doing this activity because I was able to share how I would like to pass away. I always kept it to myself, but when I heard about this activity I was excited, plus it was simple to do. Moreover, I enjoyed looking at some of the other student’s ideas, such as the one that said beauty can kill someone or where the girl was in the pool that was heartbroken.
  2. Sketching in the Garden. I loved this one because it was my first time being in the garden. Also, I love nature. The plants, pond, and hearing the birds felt like paradise to me. The rules of sketching by not erasing made it more fun and exciting.
  3. Finger Painting. This was another and simple activity. I enjoyed doing this one because it brought back childhood memories of when I used to paint.

My least favorite three activities

  1. Art Care Package. I didn’t really like this one because I was limited of the items to send in the envelope because of its size. Also, it was hard for me to find things that I would like to send because I don’t have a lot to send because I like keeping my things that I enjoy having. I felt like I had to buy something for the other person, but luckily I found a few things.
  2. Fiber Art Social Network. I did not enjoy this one because the room was small, so people kept on bumping into each other, which was annoying. It should’ve been organized like have only a limited amount of people in there to prevent the bumping and because there was only a few hammer and staplers (so it makes sense to have a limited amount of people in there.
  3. Personally, I did not enjoy this one because I am not a big big fan of social media. Yes, I have a Facebook, but I hardly post anything on it; I only change my profile picture and talk to my friends. Every day I see people using their phones while walking which is dangerous because they can trip or bump into other people. My sister is big one using Snapchat, so I always see her use her cell phones. It makes me think that she can’t survive without using her phone. I was like “ooh dear god, I am not into social media as other people (ever once in a while, but not really me).

The Hybrid format is better than front to front and better than an online course. It’s better than a front to front because with a front to front the classrooms are large that you cannot see or hear what the professor is saying. Now it is better than an online class because with an online class you cannot see your professor or attend office hours face to face in order to get direct and clear feedback. Now with a Hybrid class you have an opportunity to talk face to face with the instructor and you do the rest on whenever it is convenient to you, the work that is.

The classmate conversations were nice because we all met new people and/or making new friends that we will see again on campus for future years to come. Also, meeting people who are the same majors as us was very helpful. The artist conversations were alright, but it was hard to connect to some of their pieces.

The blog posts were cool because it felt like we were using Facebook. However, it seemed tedious to reply to another classmate of what they thought on the video.

Using WordPress was new for me. Getting introduced to something new is part of college experience so creating a website was insightful.

Week 15 Artist Conversation

Artist: Sam

Exhibition: N/A

Media: Sculpture

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Merylin Werby Gallery

Website: N/A

Instagram: onetruesam


About the Artist

On December 7, 2016 I Interviewed Sam. He is a senior who attends California State University of Long Beach. His major is Sculpture because people told him that it was a great thing to do. He basically winged it, based on what people said and ended up enjoying it.

Formal Analysis

He created a chess piece. He used wood, resin, and acrylic. The wooden box is smooth. And the figurines are each created beautiful due to the attention to detail. In addition, when you want to put away the pieces the inside of the box has slots to put away the pieces neatly. The whole piece has a soft and structured feature to it which makes it beautiful.

Content Analysis

The chess piece took ten days from the very beginning to the end. The ten days that he spent to create this took a majority of his time. He spent hours working on the chess piece, and the way it came to be is beautiful. He likes playing chess and they wanted to sell things so why not create a chess game. People like playing games and he does too, so someone must be willing to buy it for three hundred dollars.

Synthesis/My Experience

When I walked into the gallery I was astonished of all the materials that were in the room because students made them. I saw necklaces that were beautiful, but then I came across the chess board. I enjoy playing chess. When I noticed that someone had made it, I could believe it because it was well made. Unlike some of the other things that were in there because it looked like children made it, which is something that people would not want to buy. The whole gallery was beautiful in some aspects and others were not, especially to some of the prices that were labeled to some of the items, such as the chess piece. But, hey if he wanted to put it that price then go ahead he made it after all.



Week 14 Classmate Conversation

On Wednesday I met Gustavo Portillo. He said that he used to be a Business major, but then decided to switch to Communication Studies. As of right now he is a second year student at CSULB. Furthermore, his hobbies include going out to restaurants, beach, and cruise around in is truck. Also, he believes that technology will take over schools in 2036. He believes that there will be more online classes, no more hard text books (books will be provided online). Lastly, the tuition rate will increase because technology is expensive, especially to cover the thousands of students that attend CSULB.

Week 12 Artist Conversation

Artist: Sage Garver

Exhibition: N/A

Media:  Sculpture

Gallery: Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website:  N/A

Instagram: N/A


About the Artist

On November 9, 2016 I interviewed Sage Garver. She is trying to earn her B.F.A in Sculpture. However, Sculpture was not her first preference as a major, instead, it was Studio Art. She decided to declare her major as Sculpture because she found out that she enjoyed it more. The time and effort in doing sculptures are more meaningful to her. This semester will be her last at California State University of Long Beach.

Formal Analysis

When I walked in the gallery, I first noticed things on the wall. The things that were on were on the wall had different shapes and sizes, yet they were all white. Then there was a middle piece that was hanging from the ceiling in the middle of the room, at a first glance it looked like if it was made out of gold. Then there was a sphere in the center of the chains. The last thing that I noticed is that there was a fork that was dangling from the golden chains. Other than that everything else was white, except for hat was in the middle of the room.

Content Analysis

The objects that were white that were attached to the wall were made out of foam. Garver used a software program to create them. The she used a machine to cut out the pieces that were made out of foam. The pieces that look like that they are coming out of the wall are supposed to resemble the illnesses that took a toll on her body. For example, she has had asthma, anemia, and other complications. She attached these pieces to the wall by using dry compound and nails, so that they can stick to the walls. As for the middle piece that is dangling is made out of plastic. It is supposed resemble the nucleus. Finally, the fork that is dangling from the chain symbolizes the food and nutrients that one can consume.

Synthesis/My Experience

At first when I walked in the gallery it reminded me of the ocean. All the pieces that were on the wall I thought about the shells and the sea weed. Then I turned and saw the paper and then I noticed that these pieces on the wall look like illnesses when scientists look at it under a microscope, which I found pretty cool. Then it reminded me how many illnesses there are out there that drain our body, but we should not let the illness take over our body, instead, people should eat and take in the nutrients that they need to keep on fighting to survive and get better.





Week 11 Classmate Conversation

On November 2, 2016 I met Rhena Real. Her major is Business. Her hobbies include watching Netflix and movies. However, she does not watch any horror films. Now for the question she believed that Demi Lovato over reacted. The person who created the image of her as a mermaid is just fake because it is fan made. In addition, the young artist who created the piece makes other artist look mystical-not only Lovato. Its fan made, get over it.


Week 11 Artist Conversation

Artist: Kyle Kruse

Exhibition: N/A

Media:  Wood, skin, bones, and film

Gallery: Marilyn Werby Gllery


Instagram: N/A


About the Artist

On November 2, 2016 I interviewed Kyle Kruse. He is going to graduate this semester with a B.F.A in Print Making. He has been at California State University of Long Beach for five years and a half. At first his major was physics, but then he realized that he is more creative than anything else, so he switched his major to Print Making.

Formal Analysis

In the gallery the art material that surrounded the entire room was in Greco-Roman. Once someone stepped into the room there was bones and dust on the floor. Then hanging on the walls were spheres with paintings on them. In front of the spheres they were masks to represent the spheres. Finally, there were clips to represent the Gods, such as Prometheus.

Content Analysis

The process of the art surrounding the whole gallery was made by Kruse. The most stressful part of the project was the editing of the films because it takes hours long. Once everything was completed, he really wanted to emphasize on the way how many individuals play an important factor of the way myth is viewed today. For example, comparing to the game telephone, someone says one thing while the message travels through, but somehow the message appears to be different. For many ages this has happened to Greek mythology, it always ends up changing its view.

Synthesis/My Experience

When I stepped into the gallery, my breath was taken away because I knew it was about the Greek Gods. I remembered the story of Prometheus how he played a trick on Zeus and then stole fire from the heavens and gave it to man. I enjoy learning about Greek mythology, and when I saw that this gallery was mind blown that it was about mythology.



Week 10 Fiber Art Social Network

(1) I feel like the word “Social Network” is mostly to Online and mobile tools that connect me to people in cyberspace and they are all real people that I physically see in my life (past and present). (2) For having around 150 truly meaningful relationships and the others we know will be in more fragmentary way. I really don’t know what to think of that. People we meet have meaning in life one way or another it doesn’t matter if they are close or not because only fate knows what’s in store for us. Everyone should be meaningful because they exist in the space that also surrounds us, me. (3) The amount of friends that I have on Facebook is my friends, relatives, classmates, and teachers. I know everyone in some sort of way. (4) No, when I saw the Art social network it was regular no surprise to me whatsoever. Although the room was rather small than I anticipated. (5) For personal relationships, I already have more than 10 that are for sure. I don’t mind if that number keeps on rising because I care a lot about others, so they won’t be a burden. (6) I have a lot of friends on Facebook. For those who I don’t talk too as much with posts things, and when they do I remember things from the past. They will hook up people with jobs and cars here and there if we are interested.



yellow means friends, pink means family, and black have gathered at a party at my house.

Week 10 Artist Conversation

Artist: Daniela Ionescu

Exhibition: N/A

Media:  Textile

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Max L. Gatov Gallery East

Website: N/A

Instagram: N/A


About the Artist

On October 25, 2016 I interviewed Daniela Ionescu. She is going to graduate this year from California State University of Long Beach with a Master’s degree in Art History. She is from Romania; she moved her to the United States seventeen years ago. In addition, her husband is from Romania; she bared a child who was born in Romania. She loves the history of Romania and wants to share its history with everyone.

Formal Analysis

In the gallery the art material that surrounded the entire room was textile. The clothes were traditional Romanian clothes. The essence of place was the clothes history. She bought the clothes online with her student loans. The clothes are worth up to $100-$1,000. In addition, these pieces are rare to find, so it’s a random search to find traditional Romanian clothes. Before she bought these clothes, she did research before buying the textile. These clothes are made out of cotton, natural silk, and hemp.

Content Analysis

The idea for this gallery was with her two years ago. When it was finally time to prepare the gallery, she used two days in order to finish it. The blouse that was located on the left was a festive blouse that a young girl would wear. It is made out of cotton and was created during the 1950’s. The blouse’s background was covered in a creamy white, and the only design was in pink. Ionescu said that today many girls are attracted to this blouse alone. Perhaps it is because it is it was made in the 1950’s. This is the year that is closer to hippies and today’s society. Maybe this is why young girls are attracted to this one piece alone. Moreover, Ionescu truly believes that the history and origin of clothes is important than anything else. For instance, she finds it distasteful when fashion designers do not know the history of their inspiration of their fashion line and when they try to claim it their own. Ionescu finds Romanian clothes very beautiful when it comes to its history and the time and effort that it took to create that piece of clothing. The history of clothing is very important and wants to share how the Romanians created their clothes visually.

Synthesis/My Experience

When I walked inside the gallery, I loved the clothes. My favorite one was the one that was located on the left side of the room, which was the blouse that was creamy white and had pink designs. One of my favorite colors is pink. I would where that in a heartbeat. Another thing that I noticed is that when it comes to fashion, no matter what, inspiration always drives from somewhere. In this case Romania fashion designers influence our modern fashion cloth line, which is fascinating. I loved all the clothes that were displaced in the art gallery—especially the one that was made in the 1950’s.



Week 9 Art Care Package

I am going to send my Art Care Package (ACP) to my boyfriend. We have been together for four years. He lives in Los Angeles. In the envelope I put a little figure of an alien because we both believe in aliens. Also, I put the one of the oldest pranks in there the fart one. Plus, I added shells from the beach that we collected in the summer. These are some of the few things that I put inside the ACP. I found this activity very nice, because who doesn’t like receiving mail when it is not a bill.



(1) Sending an ACP is similar to sending a Snapchat because in both cases we are communicating to someone that is  at a distance from us. (2) Now one major difference between the two is that a ACP is a non-digital form of communicating to someone and it takes a while for the receiver to retrieve the message; whereas, Snapchat is a digital and faster processes to communicating with another person. (3) I think that ephemera nothing comes to my mind. It doesn’t look precious to me nor does it look like trash. When I think of ephemera, I am like a blank piece of paper. No, my grandma parking ticket and her tickets from Woodstock mean absolutely nothing to me. I believe my grandkids will not see anything from a bead bracelet from Coachella. (4) I don’t think there is a difference between the art seen in museums and the art seen by a few because art that is displayed in any time or place carries its duties when people have  an impression on the art form. (6) The time and effort can mean something, but what really matters if a person is willing to even create a Snapchat and if a person is willing to create a ACP. (7) You can if your partner loves McDonalds then you just go right away to prepare the meal with love (meaning you buy it and set it on the table. I don’t its a different love between Snapchat and ACP because it all depends on the people if they are modern or not, plus there values. But love is love no matter what.