Week 15 Finger Painting

I enjoyed doing the finger painting. When I was using my fingers, I ended up getting messy, but it was fun. I felt more like a professional painting because I had that large paper (how silly of me lol). When there was no subject for me, I felt free. It can be anything that comes to mind or feels right as I began. I did not feel trapped; I was free. But one of my paints was dried up for some reason it was the color orange. I put water in there, so it can be liquidity (it kinda worked out). Then I had the color purple which was cool. Then the last color was white, which was bogus because you can’t see it. As a result I splashed Tapatio on it. This activity was similar to the graffiti activity because they both included color, but one of them is spraying it out while the other is making stokes of thick or thin lines, dots, or even shapes. In the end we are going to end up with an image if we use graffiti or paint.



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