Week 15 Extra Credit

My favorite three activities

  1. Landscapes with the Corpse. I enjoyed doing this activity because I was able to share how I would like to pass away. I always kept it to myself, but when I heard about this activity I was excited, plus it was simple to do. Moreover, I enjoyed looking at some of the other student’s ideas, such as the one that said beauty can kill someone or where the girl was in the pool that was heartbroken.
  2. Sketching in the Garden. I loved this one because it was my first time being in the garden. Also, I love nature. The plants, pond, and hearing the birds felt like paradise to me. The rules of sketching by not erasing made it more fun and exciting.
  3. Finger Painting. This was another and simple activity. I enjoyed doing this one because it brought back childhood memories of when I used to paint.

My least favorite three activities

  1. Art Care Package. I didn’t really like this one because I was limited of the items to send in the envelope because of its size. Also, it was hard for me to find things that I would like to send because I don’t have a lot to send because I like keeping my things that I enjoy having. I felt like I had to buy something for the other person, but luckily I found a few things.
  2. Fiber Art Social Network. I did not enjoy this one because the room was small, so people kept on bumping into each other, which was annoying. It should’ve been organized like have only a limited amount of people in there to prevent the bumping and because there was only a few hammer and staplers (so it makes sense to have a limited amount of people in there.
  3. Personally, I did not enjoy this one because I am not a big big fan of social media. Yes, I have a Facebook, but I hardly post anything on it; I only change my profile picture and talk to my friends. Every day I see people using their phones while walking which is dangerous because they can trip or bump into other people. My sister is big one using Snapchat, so I always see her use her cell phones. It makes me think that she can’t survive without using her phone. I was like “ooh dear god, I am not into social media as other people (ever once in a while, but not really me).

The Hybrid format is better than front to front and better than an online course. It’s better than a front to front because with a front to front the classrooms are large that you cannot see or hear what the professor is saying. Now it is better than an online class because with an online class you cannot see your professor or attend office hours face to face in order to get direct and clear feedback. Now with a Hybrid class you have an opportunity to talk face to face with the instructor and you do the rest on whenever it is convenient to you, the work that is.

The classmate conversations were nice because we all met new people and/or making new friends that we will see again on campus for future years to come. Also, meeting people who are the same majors as us was very helpful. The artist conversations were alright, but it was hard to connect to some of their pieces.

The blog posts were cool because it felt like we were using Facebook. However, it seemed tedious to reply to another classmate of what they thought on the video.

Using WordPress was new for me. Getting introduced to something new is part of college experience so creating a website was insightful.


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