Week 10 Fiber Art Social Network

(1) I feel like the word “Social Network” is mostly to Online and mobile tools that connect me to people in cyberspace and they are all real people that I physically see in my life (past and present). (2) For having around 150 truly meaningful relationships and the others we know will be in more fragmentary way. I really don’t know what to think of that. People we meet have meaning in life one way or another it doesn’t matter if they are close or not because only fate knows what’s in store for us. Everyone should be meaningful because they exist in the space that also surrounds us, me. (3) The amount of friends that I have on Facebook is my friends, relatives, classmates, and teachers. I know everyone in some sort of way. (4) No, when I saw the Art social network it was regular no surprise to me whatsoever. Although the room was rather small than I anticipated. (5) For personal relationships, I already have more than 10 that are for sure. I don’t mind if that number keeps on rising because I care a lot about others, so they won’t be a burden. (6) I have a lot of friends on Facebook. For those who I don’t talk too as much with posts things, and when they do I remember things from the past. They will hook up people with jobs and cars here and there if we are interested.



yellow means friends, pink means family, and black have gathered at a party at my house.


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