Week 9 Art Care Package

I am going to send my Art Care Package (ACP) to my boyfriend. We have been together for four years. He lives in Los Angeles. In the envelope I put a little figure of an alien because we both believe in aliens. Also, I put the one of the oldest pranks in there the fart one. Plus, I added shells from the beach that we collected in the summer. These are some of the few things that I put inside the ACP. I found this activity very nice, because who doesn’t like receiving mail when it is not a bill.



(1) Sending an ACP is similar to sending a Snapchat because in both cases we are communicating to someone that is  at a distance from us. (2) Now one major difference between the two is that a ACP is a non-digital form of communicating to someone and it takes a while for the receiver to retrieve the message; whereas, Snapchat is a digital and faster processes to communicating with another person. (3) I think that ephemera nothing comes to my mind. It doesn’t look precious to me nor does it look like trash. When I think of ephemera, I am like a blank piece of paper. No, my grandma parking ticket and her tickets from Woodstock mean absolutely nothing to me. I believe my grandkids will not see anything from a bead bracelet from Coachella. (4) I don’t think there is a difference between the art seen in museums and the art seen by a few because art that is displayed in any time or place carries its duties when people have  an impression on the art form. (6) The time and effort can mean something, but what really matters if a person is willing to even create a Snapchat and if a person is willing to create a ACP. (7) You can if your partner loves McDonalds then you just go right away to prepare the meal with love (meaning you buy it and set it on the table. I don’t its a different love between Snapchat and ACP because it all depends on the people if they are modern or not, plus there values. But love is love no matter what.


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