Week 8 Classmate Conversation


Today I met Noe Sandovel. His major is Business Management. An important art media is music. The piece of art medium that Noe would like to share with everyone is music. he likes music because he can express himself with the sound and lyrics that music contains. People should listen it because it will help them relax and be free (instead of being bottled up and trapped).

He said that he will be supportive of his child if they pursue art as their major. He says the most important thing is his child’s happiness. It is better for them to do something that they enjoy, instead of disliking. In addition, he will be truthful to his child saying that it is difficult to  maintain or even find a job; therefore, he said that he will make sure that they work hard and dream big.

When we opened our phones, we both noticed that we have Youtube. We both use Youtube for music, watch vines, and conspiracy theories. Also, the apps that are already installed when you get a phone for the first time. For example, music and downloads. Some apps that we had different was that he had Dropbox, Google docs, and Spotify. I had Facebook and Yahoo.


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